The Sphynx

Many thousands of years ago, the Great God began a process - laid out in stages- that was to eventually lead humanity to the attainment of Superconsciousness. To that end, Divine Emissaries were sent armed with secret knowledge that was to be encoded into great stone monuments and strategically placed in key locations around the Earth. For lifetimes, we have been awaiting the moment when human consciousness would be elevated to the point where it would cause the "Veil of Isis" to be lifted, allowing the information to once again be truly seen, heard, and understood.

If we think of the Secret knowledge as a body of information, we know that the heart of the body would surely be the Sacred Land of Egypt . . .and if we think of the Aquarian Age as the time when "man" him / herself is destined to pour (direct) the Waters of Creation, then we can say with confidence that the place is here and the time is now.

Abu Simbel

As we journey down the Nile, the timeless wisdom of the ancient temples and pyramids is available for us to utilize as a stimulant, enabling us to shift, expand, and elevate our own, and planetary consciousness.

Access to these structures allows the Initiate to experience cellular transformation, and the opportunity to rediscover the unlimited power of the Indwelling Christ.

In the presence of the Ancient Mystical Structures, the Initiate is called upon to choose to think and feel differently.

The Great Pyramid

Inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, it is believed that the usual obstacles between thought and manifestation do not exist.

Space has been created for the Initiate to experience the power of his thoughts, and the fullest potential of his Being.

Colorful, majestic India is a country rich in culture and religion. With thousands of years of yogis, gurus and sages flooding the countryside, it is a land filled with ashrams, temples and ancient Hindu monuments. Meet with prominent gurus and learn more of the essential commonality of all mystic cultures.

Everywhere you turn in India is a feast for the eyes. All the buildings, clothing and automobiles paint the landscape like a bouquet of flowers.

The shopping in India is unparalleled. You won’t believe the beautiful things you can find for such a great value! And the relationships you will form with shopkeepers are ones to last a lifetime. Did we mention the food? The delicious flavors from the exotic mixtures of spices will be an experience you will never forget.


Explore the magic and mystery of the ancient pre-Incan and Incan ruins nestled high up in the beautiful Peruvian Andes and discover the amazing similarities we find with symbols remaining from the inexplicable ancient Egyptian civilization.

As the powerful Egyptian energy is clearly masculine, the Peruvian energy is palpably feminine. In Cuzco and Machu Picchu, far away from the bustling cities, you can feel the love of Mother God, the great Pacha Mama, relaxing and comforting you as it presses in on you from all sides.

Meet with a master shaman and, through participation in sacred ritual at sacred sites, experience the incomparable healing and transformation available on this mystical journey.

The breathtaking countryside is beautifully matched with the friendly people, delicious food and economical shopping.

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